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About RCE Chubu

What is RCE Chubu?

RCE Chubu aims to promote ESD and to create a sustainable region in "Ise-Mikawa Bay Watershed," where covers Aichi, Gifu and Mie prefectures.

Background –Why RCE-ESD in Chubu area?

Geographical Factors (ethos)

The Chubu region has a varied natural setting with rivers running through in to Ise-Mikawa Bay. The down-stream reaches are heavily industrialized, while the up-stream reaches have areas where considerable environmental destruction has resulted from down-stream conditions.

The Human Factors (ethos)

As a traditional manufacturing region, Chubu has a history of production systems that were developed with strong consideration for human harmony, and moreover has had strong inflows of foreign population required for manufacturing, making it one of the most multicultural regions of Japan.

The Times factors (kairos)

The region experienced the World Exposition 2005 (Aichi EXPO) and will host COP10 to the Convention on Biological Diversity in the year 2010.

RCE Chubu will implement projects under the following two main perspectives

1) Spatial Perspective

Focus on the particular spatial composition of the Chubu region
Instead of using political or economic districts, RCE Chubu adopts a natural environmental district to identify the regional center: (1) Ise-Mikawa Bay and (2) the river basins draining into Ise-Mikawa Bay.

2) Thematic Perspective

Horizontal themes based on the characteristics of the region
The Chubu RCE will emphasize the perspective of horizontal themes aligned with the characteristics of the region. The themes to be taken up will include manufacturing, energy, forest conservation, river and tideland conservation, and multicultural harmony.

Objectives should see a Projects page.