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Privacy Policy

Recognizing the protecting personal information is its social responsibility, Chubu Regional Centre of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development (hereinafter referred to as “RCE Chubu”) complies with related laws and regulations and promotes the implementation of the following procedures.

  1. RCE Chubu ensures appropriate safeguards are maintained.
  2. We instruct our staff concerning legal requirements related to privacy protection as part of our continuing efforts to manage personal information appropriately.
  3. RCE Chubu obtains personal information under prior consent of the individual and us only where such consent permits
  4. RCE Chubu does not provide personal information to third party except for the requiring by laws or regulations.
  5. To protect the personal information RCE Chubu maintains Information security.
  6. When we are requested by a user to disclose, add to, correct or delete his/her personal information, we receive and respond to any inquires and complaints concerning our handling of personal information efficiently and appropriately without delay.
  7. RCE Chubu continues to review and makes efforts to improve the handling of personal information.
  8. Please contact RCE Chubu for inquires and complaints about the handling of personal information